About Us

About Us

It all Started….

On a business trip to Mexico in the early 1980s, Twang founder Roger Treviño Sr. came across a street vendor selling packaged citrus salt. The taste reminded him of flavors he enjoyed while growing up in San Antonio – salty sour pickles, lemons with a dash of salt and fruit sprinkled with chili and lime.

Inspired by the concept, Treviño brought the idea back to Texas and began research and development of a premium-flavored citrus salt for snacks and beverages. He collaborated with companies across the country to develop the perfect formula, design packaging and manufacture the salt.

In 1986, the first shipment of Twang was delivered to Treviño’s home in San Antonio where his wife Debbie and two eldest sons Roger Jr. and Patrick packaged the original boxes for delivery to local convenience stores

Today, Twang’s products can be found in more than 38 states across the country. Brands include Beer Salt, Twangerz Snack Topping, Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salts, ZAS! Super-Seasoning, Clamato Chili-Lime Salt and Cafe Zuca Flavored Sugar Toppings. A leader in the consumer packaged goods industry, Twang Partners has successfully collaborated with some of the top food and beverage companies around the world to create innovative custom blends. Twang continues to draw on its Latino heritage and flavor-forward acumen to produce high-quality products to add fun and flavor to every social occasion.